Sitemap - 2024 - Wilford Institute of 'Historical Metaphysics'

Against American Caesarism: More Hamiltons/Madisons, less Stalins/Hitlers

Establishing the Field of ‘Historical Metaphysics,’ Making Plato Proud; On Communists and National Socialists in History…

Having ‘Discernment’ When it comes to Zionism, Banksters, and Global Occupation Government “Everyone knows the Game is Rigged” – Leonard Cohen

“That Straight and Narrow Road” (Original Song - Folk Acoustic) Christian Worship Music

The Kingdom in Our Midst, Our Godly 'Institutions' and We Builders—Time to do the Work [Receptive of Grace], Count on Your Allies, and On the Movement of the Spirit of God for Victory

“Lord Thy God a’Calling” (Original Song - Folk Acoustic) Christian Worship Music

“Throne of the Lamb” (Original Song - Folk Acoustic) Christian Worship Music

That We should live Inside of Worship Music: In Fellowship, Cling to the Coming of the Lord

“Name of the Saints” (Original Song - Folk Acoustic) Christian Worship Music

CTMU Cadres of the Future—'Institutes' Towards a Million Man Mission and Movement

That Merit Resides in Duty, God’s Election, and in Imputed Righteousness—Moral Way of Casting of education ‘titles,’ Ultra-IQ designation, and station.

Three Scriptural Lessons/Verses In Vision of the Lord in your life: – Psalm 139:10; Isaiah 2:3 Deuteronomy 31:8

Coupling the CTMU’s Metaformalist Program to Emotion (Thymos) and to Disgruntled University Refuse, the Emboldened Masses—The “Spiritedness,” Thymos as the “desire for Recognition.”

On Fire for Christ and to Re-establish Natural Order, We as the CTMU Proselytizers (And On Slavoj Zizek as a Thought Revolutionary)

The Immovable Core of CTMU ‘Christian Scientists’/Paladins-Save the West

Reading Isaiah Chapter 2 [The Future House of God] Upholding Plato’s ‘Justice’ in Restoration of the Natural Order, the Christian Leadership and CTMU Prerogatives

'Through Institute' basement recording

The Postmodern Return of Idealism

Heidegger's Death Drive, Dasein and the Recurrence of the 'Event'

CTMU MOVEMENT—21st Century Science & Changing Images of Man

Christ-Faith in 21st Century Science

The Mighty Canada - An Idealist Dream

Why Study Political Science? "Of the Ubiquitous Force, Political Animal, and Corporate Bodies"

The Power of Language: 'Alpha & Omega'

Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

The Great Awakening - A Millennial's Call to God

'Dudley's Hill' basement recording

'Mr. Sanato' basement recording

'Grey Mountain Pass' basement recording

'Of No Equal' basement recording

'God's Country' basement recording

'Alone I Go' basement recording

'He Otta Watta' basement recording

'Beggar's Barley' basement recording

'Less Words' basement recording

'Worst Case Ontario' basement recording

'Banksters' the Lords of Disaster

The Sociology of Control: Banking Elite 'Power Pyramid'

CTMU Through Modern Philosophy [Ep. 4]: Alexander Dugin In Review by CTMU Lens

CTMU Through Modern Philosophy [Ep. 3]: Jordan Peterson In Review by CTMU Lens

CTMU Through Modern Philosophy [Ep.5]: On Zizek As A Thought Revolutionary

Stalinism in Dialectical Materialism [video lecture 12 mins]

The Sublime Object of Ideology - Guided Interpretation (Slavoj Zizek)

The Fourth Political Theory - Guided Interpretation (Alexander Dugin)

Greatest Modern Philosophy Ideas (Top 5') [Video Lecture 14 mins]

The One Word of CTMU: 'Telesis' [9 minute video lecture]

The CTMU in 3 Simple 'Words' [9 minute video lecture]

Practical Application of the CTMU? It is Enlightenment 2.0 [14 minute Video Lecture]

The CTMU Is 'Science' [Video Lecture 10 mins]

[CTMU - Simple Guide] The Metaformal System: Language/Reality

CTMU Cadres of the Future –[Pt.2]: Towards A Million Man Movement; What Will the CTMU Institutes/Infrastructure or ‘Vehicles’ look like? And How/Why the CTMU Metaphysics Itself is the Catalyst.

Becoming a “Metaphysician of History:” the Staying Power of Your Language (With Bukowski’s Advice on Words)

CTMU Cadres of the Future: ‘Think Tanks,’ ‘Foundations’ and Institutes of “Political Action”/ Policy Formation

‘Historical Metaphysics’ What is the Untapped Field of ‘Historical Metaphysics’ in terms that matter to Us? Spirit, Event, and Existential Cascading. The Bolsheviks Vs. CTMU Compatriots.

Tommy Goloboy & Gregory M. Wilford on CTMU Futures [CTMU Compatriots, CTMU Academy]

Happy Easter, A Message of Hope and Victory

The CTMU As the "Anointed Philosophy;" not ‘Gnosticism’ or ‘Syncretism’—It is A Media in the ‘War for the Mind’ and extension of the arms (read implement/) of the Lord into 21st Century..

[Short Briefing] The Knock in the Night on the CTMU, “7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

""—New Link to My Current Substack Website

Recurring the Concentration of Power in the Anglo-American Establishment—A History Lesson on the Enemies of Freedom

Genesis and Resolve of Dialectical Materialism

Institutes of the Christian Renewal

How to Read Any Philosophy (Pro Guide - Video Lecture)

Uploading Lectures, Articles, and Campaigns for Courses & 'Seasons' of Depth Metaphysical Education: 'CTMU Through Modern Metaphysics [Of past 200 Years]'

Dugin, Heidegger and Langan On the Mission to Save Western Philosophy (companion article to lecture 'Dugin Through CTMU Lens')

“If Good Men Do Nothing, Evil Will Prevail”—Why You as a Christian should Seek Political Office and Other Power Domains

The Moment of Victory for Christ the Lion: The Case for Christian Recapture of the Sciences, then Government.

Spiritual Self-Examination of We Paladins of the CTMU—And That CTMUers are ‘Christian Scientists’ (In the Cognitive Elite)

Launching ‘Compatriot Academy’—Depth Metaphysical Education with Mission, Brotherhood and Campaign

‘Christian-Science-CTMU-Faction’ (CSCF) Campaign V1.1 - Christ vs Satan, Human Singularity vs Parasitic Divergence/Tech Singularity - [Christian Science, Magistration, and Mass Movement]

I have to Call It: “Master of the Wasted Earth”

Jordan Peterson through the CTMU Lens: 1) staying power of “Story, Myth, and Narrative” 2) phenomenological properties of perception and language

For What Generation Will You Give, will You allow the Meek to Inherit the Earth? [Working on the Margin against Cursed Ground]

Invest yourself in everything you do. There’s fun in being serious. ~~John Coltrane

The Reclamation of Science by ‘Christian Metaphysicians’ and Mr Langan's CTMU

To Be Worthy of Christian Metaphysics

The Fullness of the Kingdom of God…“but Christ is all and in all.”

A ‘Metaphysic’ of Beyond Stoicism—The Staying of Your Willpower (Architecture of Reality)

How Your Organization ‘Persists,’ Moves Steadily Upward with ‘Staying Power’

Leverage Your Machine: How Social Media is the Most Powerful Technology for Climbing ‘Dominance Hierarchies’ –AKA Virtual Alter Ego/Online Identity as a ‘Passive Machine’ of Reputation Build

‘Loyalty’ vs. ‘Lone Wolf’ Building a Solid Team to Climb the ‘Dominance Hierarchy’

Seven Simple Things/Steps to Get Right (Inherit the Spirit of Your Fathers, Perpetuate the Christian Patriarchy)

The Metaphysics of ‘Grindset’ and ‘The Bag’—The Law of Personal Apex

The Dedication and Patience to Level Up In the Real World (Pursuing Hard Skills and Purpose—Inside of the 10,000 Hour phenomena)